The Big Tree has its roots in St. Louis, which makes it easy to travel wherever the job takes us. We’ve teamed up with production companies big and small from coast to coast, and shot all over the U.S., in Canada, and Europe.

Together, we are three seasoned producers and a traffic manager, all with additional experience in past lives working at both agencies and/or production companies. So we understand better than most the importance of good communication throughout the process.

We’ve replaced entire skies, created theme park rides before they even exist, made cars come out of the back of other cars, and shot with celebrities, kids, animals, and food. We’ve shot in languages other than English, with a Quadricorn and, like the Postal Service, in snow, rain, heat, and gloom of night.

The Big Tree’s experience and attention to detail allow us to get the most out of every budget and schedule for an end result everyone’s proud of. That so many of our clients return to us says a lot about our ability.

We’re very knowledgeable about managing talent costs, understand working with SAG/AFTRA, and can even traffic your finished product.

Whether it’s content or commercials, TV, online or radio, we come into each production able to quickly assess its scope and challenges. It’s our priority to put the best production talent together with your creative ideas.

Take a look at our work and you’ll see what we mean.